Will your liability insurance coverage stand up when you need it the most? If you are a contract grower, it is a subject you may want to check into before an accident occurs.

“Your standard farm liability policy, nine out of ten times, will not cover you if something happens to those pigs that can be attributed to your negligence,” says Eldon McAfee, attorney, Beving, Swanson and Forrest, Des Moines. “One of the worst calls I get is from a contract grower saying, ‘I called my insurance agent and he said I don’t have coverage. Now I have to pay for the pigs.’ ”

McAfee stresses that insurance coverage is available for such a situation. “Care, custody and control coverage is available for contract growers who do custom feeding,” he says. Care must be taken, however, for any exclusions in the rider that might interfere with coverage if it is needed.

McAfee recommends that contract growers carefully review their insurance policies with their insurance agents and attorney to make sure that there are no other policy exclusions that negate any contract feeding coverage.  “Growers should get written assurance from their insurance company that they are covered for pig death losses, particularly losses due to suffocation.”