Connecticut legislature defends family farmers

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America’s pork producers today expressed gratitude for the Connecticut General Assembly’s fortitude in standing with local family farmers and defeating legislation that would have banned the use of gestation stalls, a safe and humane form of housing pregnant sows.

The vast majority of the country’s independent hog farmers use gestation stalls to house pregnant sows because they allow for individualized care and eliminate aggression from other sows. The housing method is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

As Connecticut family farmers stood up for their right to farm, the misguided legislation failed on multiple fronts, including in the legislature’s Environment Committee, which removed stall ban language from a bill that would create a livestock care board. Farmers across the state rallied for their right to farm, attending hearings and submitting comments. Animal-rights groups hired out-of-state volunteers to lobby the assembly.

“Wealthy animal-rights groups appear to have a bumpy road ahead of them after so many failed legislative attempts to criminalize farmers for using humane farming practices,” said Dr. Howard Hill, a veterinarian and pork producer from Cambridge, Iowa, who is president of NPPC. “The outlook for their future state-level crusades against local family farmers, thankfully, is grim.”

The defeat in Connecticut is just one in a series of state-level failures for animal-rights groups, which have pushed gestation stall bans in states with little agriculture production, spending exorbitant amounts of their donors’ contributions.

“The legislative power of animal-rights groups is waning as state after state has stood up in favor of local farmers,” said Hill. “These groups are introducing the same legislation in the same states and being served defeat after defeat.”

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Gary DiNardo    
May, 10, 2014 at 01:10 PM

The devils who choose to inflict such a life on pigs should spend a few years in one of these hellish contraptions themselves.

NC  |  May, 12, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Thank CT for standing for farmers of which I am proud to be one of many. Have to remind people that animal rights was a social movement started in the UK in the socialist Fabian Society in the late 1800s. Henry Salt wrote his book "Animal Rights". This was during a time when the UK was restructuring society into what they felt was a correction of moral values in the UK at the time. They also took on prison reform, less working hours for factory workers and took over the care of children in some cases. Please do not let the animal rights agenda fool you and think about how much money has been removed from the economy in the USA because of animal rights attack on every animal industry, from trapping, to hunting with hound to the anti scientific fight against using animals in medical research. This has been on going for the last, well way over 100 years and the message has not changed much.....but now we have our government representatives in the USA - sucking up to the propaganda peddled. Until our government representatives realize they have been lied to, well that is the key. If they have received the HSUS award for agreeing with HSUS 100 percent of the time, really the official should be replaced with someone who believes in freedom and free trade.

Eau Claire WI  |  May, 14, 2014 at 11:32 PM

If these gestation systems are so humane, why is it that you don't show any of them with pictures of pigs actuallly in them so we can see just how humane they are, Explain a day in the life of these pigs so everyone cab make up their mind if they are humane or not. Show about how long they spent locked up during a twenty four period. Show how much room that they have to move around, If all of this was in the open, the bad stuff could be stopped,and make everybody happy,! feel that as humans we are here to take care of the earth. the children, and the animals, Being cruel to helpless beings can shows a person that needs help to deal with their own personal demons. And believe me they have them.

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