Bacon covered cup cake
Bacon covered cup cake

If you have attended World Pork Expo and went home hungry it’s your own fault because a smorgasbord of food is available at the annual event, with the majority of it being free (and delicious).

While it was my first year attending World Pork Expo, it was the 25th annual gathering of pork producers and industry professionals from across the globe. During my time at Expo I made sure to sample as much of the “other white meat” as possible, and the offerings ranged from typical barbeque to bacon packed versions of traditional deserts.

My favorite pork infused pastry had to be the National Pork Producers Council’s (NPPC) cupcakes topped with bacon. It was just the right mix of salty and sweet.

The Pork Checkoff had their fare share of bacon treats. I was able to sample a bacon covered ice cream bar and bacon covered doughnut holes. The doughnut holes were good, but they would have been moved to great in my book if glazed doughnut holes were used rather than the cake variety. Ice cream and bacon mixed together was kind of difficult for me to wrap my mind around (and mouth), but I may have to give it one more try as I've heard Sonic has added a similar creation to their line of shakes.

Breakfast was another chance to sample some “meat candy.” My understanding is the Pork Checkoff served a pancake with a strip of bacon inside. I think that would be a match made in hog heaven, but I was too busy during the morning this dish was served to try it (better luck next year I guess).

I was able to sample NPPC’s breakfast burritos filled with eggs, cheese, pork sausage, and yes, more bacon. The breakfast burrito is a breakfast staple for me and it definitely lived up to my standards.

At the PorkNetwork tent we offered up a bevy of barbeque during the MusicFest performance, which included monster slabs of ribs and gobs of pulled pork. I’m a sucker for some good barbeque and our meal didn’t disappoint.

There were plenty of other pork dishes that I didn’t mention, but I’m still trying to fathom just what all pork concoctions I devoured last week.