Inorganic zinc is commonly added to piglet diets at levels of 1,500 ppm to 3,000 ppm of zinc oxide in order to improve nursery performance and help control diarrhea. However, if such high levels are fed for more than five weeks, toxicity symptoms and mineral deficiencies may appear.  Now, you can replace high levels of zinc oxide with a cost effective substitute- Excential Zincoat  

Excential proprietary microencapsulation technology delivers nutrients to specific sites in the gastrointestinal tract. Excential Zincoat ensures a safe passage of zinc oxide through the stomach, allowing lower dosage levels (up to 10x or 20x less) while achieving identical response on growth performance and diarrhea prevention, according to research trials.

Excential Zincoat provides a cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution for antimicrobial-free diets, according to the manufacturer.  Excential Zincoat can lower inclusion costs of zinc oxide by more than 50 percent without affecting performance.

More information is available at the company’s website, or by contacting Marty Allison at (702) 896-1760 or