Clarence Becker was known as "Mr. Purveyor" of the meat industry. He was selected to the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame in 1995 because of his dynamic, untiring and far-sighted leadership of the purveying industry. The Meat Industry Hall of Fame is honored to include him into the Class of 2011. 

Mr. Becker was born March 30, 1917 in Sioux City, Iowa, received his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1938, and joined the family wholesale meat company in Milwaukee in 1939. He married Pearl Robbin in 1941 and they have a son Steve and a daughter Mrs. Bonnie Gould. Clarence became President of the company in 1944, and Chairman in 1983, when his son became the third generation company President.

He is being inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame as a pioneer in the portion control concept.  He obtained registered trademarks of "portion cut" and "portion carve" which were used widely in his company merchandising efforts.  He worked tirelessly with the restaurant industry, promoting the concept of portion control meat cuts which are visually uniform and prepared by professional meat cutters to specified weights or thicknesses. This was an innovative concept that permitted foodservice professionals to identify their exact meat portion costs, and consequently be more effective in pricing menus and satisfying patrons with uniform portions.

He has undoubtedly done more to advance the purpose of the North American Association of Meat Purveyors (NAMP) than any other single individual. He became famous among meat purveyors for his creation of the NAMP "Bull Session", an activity he personally conducted 77 times over a period of 42 years. He was President of NAMP in 1957 and earned every major award offered by the association.

In 1960-1961, he was part of the original NAMP Standards Committee which developed the Meat Buyer's Guide® -- now translated into six languages for international use. Since its inception, the Meat Buyer's Guide has been an invaluable resource for foodservice meat buyers, educators and students. Now, the entire meat industry uses the Guide as the authoritative text, world-wide.

Clarence Becker was a leader, an innovator and a positive promoter of the meat industry. Even though his home base was in Wisconsin, his impact has been clearly felt across the nation.