Recent visitors to the North American website for Claas of America Inc.,, experienced a new design and architecture that more closely integrates the agricultural manufacturer’s multiple lines of harvesting and foraging equipment. The update is part of a company-wide effort to improve the customer experience on every level.

“As the fourth largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world, Claas has spent the last 99 years delivering innovation and a superior customer experience in the field,” explained Bob Armstrong, vice president of marketing. “We wanted that same quality experience to be reflected throughout our new North American website. This upgrade is a step in the right direction and pivotal component to even greater improvements we have planned for the future.”

In the past, the Lexion combine harvesters produced by Claas, were separate from the company’s Jaguar forage harvesters, hay tools and baling equipment website locale. All product lines are now integrated into one product section on the website to better reflect the company’s long line of harvesting equipment.

Frequent visitors to the site will immediately notice a greater use of white space on the home page as well as a marquee banner that directs users to the most frequently visited sections of the site. Videos of the various products are covered throughout the site in relevant sections to quickly and easily convey the advantages of each model. Convenient links to local, regional and national weather and local market information can also be found on the home page.

“From a navigational standpoint, we wanted to make sure the content our customers find most compelling is the easiest to find on our site. By reducing the number of clicks to new products, video content and other helpful information, we hope to improve our overall customer experience,” said Armstrong.