Chinese officials have removed more than 13,000 pig carcasses from a river near Shanghai, China’s financial capital. This number has more than doubled since last week’s report of 6,600.

The findings have ignited a frenzy of reactions from across the globe, though officials claim the water has not been contaminated. The Huangpu River, where the pigs were found, supplies water to Shanghai’s 23 million citizens.  

According to a report by NBC News, officials are struggling to put a positive spin on the ghoulish news. Officials have stepped up efforts to test food and water quality across the city. Shanghai’s officials also reported that two-thirds of the most recent carcasses were piglets, suggesting that the worst has now passed.   

Many of the pigs have tested positive for porcine circovirus, a virus that recently killed a larger number of pigs across the region. However, officials stress that porcine circovirus cannot be contracted by humans.  

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