The Animal Health Institute has launched a “new and improved” website.

“We have listened to our colleagues in the animal and public health sectors to hear what topic areas and features they wanted to see most, and have been working over the last several months to redesign the site from top to bottom,” according to Ron Phillips, AHI’s vice president, of legislative and public affairs.  

As a leading resource on animal health, AHI’s new site now features even more information and resources on the primary types of animal medicines, as well as an extensive section on the animal drug regulatory process and issues impacting the sector. “We also have revamped the site with more interactive and multimedia content, as well as a more intuitive navigation to provide an overall better user experience,” Philips says.

Here are some additional highlights of the revised website:

  • News and Publications: This section provides a comprehensive offering of AHI News and Publications, this includes press releases and statements, multimedia resources, and contact information for all inquiries.
  • Animal Medicines: The About Animal Medicines section includes a detailed review of the agencies involved in the approval and regulatory process of animal health products.
  • Animal Antibiotics: Because the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture continues to be a topic of interest among policymakers, stakeholders, and members of the media, we have developed an entire section dedicated to animal antibiotics (under Issues and Advocacy). The section provides scientific information and data to support the role of antibiotics as a critical tool to prevent, control and treat disease in animals.

Source: AHI