Manitoba Pork Council (MPC) Chair Karl Kynoch says that Manitoba hog producers are disappointed, but not surprised, that federal and provincial governments are clearly not prepared to offer the hog industry short term help, other than existing programs such as the Advance Payments Program (APP), AgriInvest and AgriStability. With the joint federal/provincial news release to this effect on Oct. 24, at least producers now know where they stand and can make more informed business decisions.

Both levels of government note that there is $31 million sitting in AgriInvest accounts and encourage producers to ask for interim payments on AgriStability accounts. As well, they point out, there is funding available under the APP program, where producers can receive $100,000 interest free and $300,000 at a low interest rate. Governments are now working with industry representatives and the banks to determine why producers are not accessing this funding.

On a positive note, MPC and the Manitoba government continue to explore long term solutions for a sustainable industry, which may also be of help in the short term. Kynoch invites producers to attend the annual industry meetings scheduled for Nov. 7-8, where he will discuss the status of these ongoing talks. He will also share some concepts that MPC is exploring to level out cash flow for long term industry viability.