The purchase of Smithfield Foods by the Chinese company, Shaunghui, could be a boon to the US pork industry in the form of increased exports, but it may not be worth the risk for food safety and security.

These are the issues that CBS Evening News addressed during a segment that appeared on Wednesday night’s show.

CBS interviewed Gene Groves, a pork producer who lives twenty miles south of Smithfield, Va. He raises 5,000 pigs per year for Smithfield Foods and his contract outlines biosecurity, barn size and proper feed management.

"It's a big book of things we do and don't do on this farm," Groves said. "It's part of the Smithfield contract."

While there has been discomfort for some critics of the sale over the possibility of company policies changing in terms of food safety, Groves did not seem to be too concerned.

"If they were to turn that off, that would be a mistake, of course. And I don't see how they could," Groves said.

The acquisition of Smithfield Foods, if approved, would be the largest sale of a US company to China.