Many readers of this blog are not involved in the daily sales and pricing activities of the US pork industry. While they are aware of reports of very high prices, I thought I would put the recent market in perspective. The data is from the USDA mandatory price report for the prior day slaughter of federally inspected barrows and gilts (LM_HG201).

For the week ending on February 21, 2014, the report covers 1,941,172 pigs. The weighted average carcass weight was 213.4 lb with a net price received before market fee deductions, etc. of $89.32/cwt. This translated into an average net of $190.61 per barrow/gilt slaughtered that week.

Fast forward 4 weeks. Last week there were 1,894,807 barrows and gilts (46,365 fewer pigs) covered by the report. While carcass weight increased to 214.7 lb (1.3 lb/pig increase), the net price received jumped to $114.21/cwt. The net value per barrow/gilt slaughtered last week was $245.21, a $54.60/hd jump.

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