Sometimes a topic comes up that doesn’t fit my sort-of weekly writing schedule. Yesterday I had a field person for a contract production system ask about emergency drop curtains on a double-wide tunnel barn. The curtains had been ‘ruined’ by a power-washer so the grower inserted bubble wrap into the curtain opening to make it tight again so the correct negative pressure could be attained at the inlets for proper air distribution.

The grower has an on-site auto-start generator that is tested monthly with written logs of the test and an alarm system that is also routinely tested. The question was – does the grower need the side drop curtains for emergency ventilation?

Now it gets fuzzy – it depends on the trust you have in the monthly testing of the generator and alarm system. If you have faith in these systems, no curtain drop is necessary. If you have doubts, a sidewall curtain drop that opens at least 2 ft is an added safety measure.

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