Tom Gillespie, a swine veterinarian from Rensselaer, Ind., replied to my blog on Crop Progress and Hog Barns from earlier this summer. He asked that I comment on the possible differences in performance between wean-finish barns and nursery moved to finisher combinations of facilities.

In his reply, he stated that one production system claims a 4 percent  advantage to nursery moved to finisher vs. wean-to finish.

The first research I did on wean-finish funded with check-off dollars investigated this possible difference and the results have been published (J. Anim. Sci. 2002. 80:309-315).

In these trials there was no difference in performance from weaning to slaughter for pigs weaned in a nursery for 8 weeks and then moved to a fully slatted finisher versus single stocked or double stocked wean-finish finish pigs sorted down at 8 weeks post wean grown to slaughter in the same fully slatted finisher.

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