This week’s blog is being written in the MSP airport. Storms shut down all departures and landings for over 1 hour so all flights the remainder of the evening are messed up, including mine. The good news – more moisture for the upper midwest to further push back the drought boundries.

This past week I was in rush hour traffic on 3 different days in the Twin Cities. When you add the traffic snarls due to the heavy rain storm this afternoon and the airport delay, I once again appreciate the rural lifestyle my participation in animal agriculture offers me.

Many of you reading this blog live in or near rural communities which may have few if any stop lights. The biggest traffic control device in some counties is 4-way stops. Yes, we lack immediate access to the Mall Of America type shopping but we get to observe the sunrise un-hindered by crazy drivers, tall buildings, and all of the other ‘amenities’ of urban life.

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