Once again a winter storm is passing south of Minnesota and covering the central portions of the corn belt with snow to be followed by cold temperatures.

The governors of Iowa and Minnesota have declared energy emergencies due to the shortage of propane. This morning there was talk on farm radio of a possible change in a pipeline so as to send more propane our way yet this spring.

On top of all of this, the wind and wind driven snow this winter has made for dreadful driving in the open areas of our region. I have had reports of several barn ceiling collapses due to snow drifting into attics. Will winter ever end?

If you had snow in your attic this winter (have you even dared to look in your attic), once spring comes be sure and do a thorough investigation of the roof and ceiling structure. If the insulation became soaked, even once it dries it will be compressed and have a much lower R value. You may need to talk with an insulation expert about how to return the ceiling to a reasonable R value.