This week I’ve spent quite a bit of time in my office working on presentations for upcoming meetings. I’ve also been working on papers for proceedings of meetings to be held several months from now and digging into the research literature on several production topics. After several months of hectic site visits, research involvement and meetings I sometimes find it difficult to slow down enough to plan for future events with new ways of looking at old problems.

While I know this time spent in the office is valuable long-term, it’s hard to just sit and think. I suspect many of the readers of this blog are similar to me – they would rather ‘do’ than ‘think’. Yet, without ‘thinking’ the ‘doing’ may be done incorrectly.

With the release of yesterday’ USDA grain stocks report a lot of ‘thinking’ will be necessary to make it to next summer/fall as regards feed ingredients. The picture on both availability of feed ingredients and the price of the available ingredients continues to be murky at best.