The demand for good quality weaned pigs and feeder pigs is heating up several weeks earlier this year than compared to historic records. In the past 10 years, weaned pig prices as reported by USDA bottomed during week 33 of the year. The peak spot market price occurred in January to early February.

This year it appears that the low in SEW spot pricing occurred the last week of March ($23.80/pig) with a secondary low occurring the third week of May ($24.97/pig). This past week USDA reported an average spot price of $31.97/pig.

The same shifting of seasonal pricing has been occurring in the 40-pound feeder pig market. The traditional low price for the year traditionally occurs in the late July-August period. This makes sense as pigs placed in grow-finish facilities at this time would be sold to slaughter in mid-late November, the time of year that corresponds with the historic lowest prices of the year and highest numbers of pigs slaughtered per week.

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