Fall harvest will begin in 3-4 weeks in the upper Midwest. With the expansion of the drought area, silage harvest is in full swing for dairies and feedlots, with some regions completed already.

All of this activity means that pit pumping will also gear up as soon as land is available for manure application. In the next few weeks I’m speaking at several events and will include reminders to producers on ventilation details that are important to remember so we don’t end up with dead pigs due to sudden spikes of hydrogen sulfide in the pig zone because of the pumping activities.

If you use a commercial pit pumper keep in mind that the pumper is not responsible for setting your ventilation system during pumping. That is the responsibility of the pig owner or contract grower. I still hear of too many situations where the pumper is told ‘ you set the ventilation – you know what you’re doing’!

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