The flow of feeder pigs from Canada continues to slow in reaction to MCOOL legislation and the terrible economics of pig production for many Canadian producers this past year. For the week ending October 12, 2013, 61,330 live pigs weighing less than 55 kg (110 lb) crossed the border from the Canada to the US. This is the lowest number of feeder pigs to cross since February of 2002 for any non-holiday week.

Iowa remains the primary destination for these pigs with Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois the next most popular destinations. At one point in time there were quite a few pigs ending up in facilities in North and South Dakota. However these states are declining in placement of Canadian born pigs, most likely a reflection of MCOOL labeling requirements at the John Morrell plant in Sioux Falls which would be the most likely destination for many of these pigs. High feed grain prices as a result of the drought also discouraged producers in these states from feeding out feeder pigs regardless of origin.

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