Last week I was on the program at the Passion For Pigs meeting in Columbia, Mo. Dr. Ron Plain from the University of Missouri was the last speaker of the day. We are all familiar with Ron and his knowledge of the trends impacting US pork production and pricing.

He shared a new slide with the audience that I haven’t seen before. USDA data for the last 81 years shows a trend line of 1.5 percent increase in pork tonnage annually. This is a remarkable statistic given the ups and downs we experience in the industry.

As Ron asked the audience – what other industry has been so consistent in it’s output for over three quarters of a century? His message to the audience – because of it’s consistency, pork production still remains an opportunity industry for youth to return to agriculture. Properly managed, an investment in pork production with an ever growing market that is very predictable is the entry for those young people willing to work hard and make management decisions.

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