While there are lots of beautiful places in this country and around the world, there’s no place like home. Erin Brenneman shares her beautiful and striking photos in this video compilation.

"While I enjoy writing very much I feel there is no replacement for a great picture. Ever since I have moved to the farm, photography has become a huge part of my life. Every day here offers me some great opportunity to snap a great picture and I am rarely found very far from my camera. Whether it is the kids playing in the mud or a fantastic sunset there is beauty all around here.

Every season gives its own unique scenes. This video shows just some of my favorite pictures I have taken throughout the years and trust me when I say there are thousands more! Every single picture is taken right out my back door. How blessed am I to live in such a beautiful place!

As you can tell storm season is one of my absolute favorites. Towering white clouds in the distance set against a dark sky with the sunlight touching on their edges – it just doesn’t get any better than that to me! With some pictures, you can just feel the energy in the air. So it is with great pleasure I present to you a compilation of my pictures.  Enjoy!"