Big Dutchman Inc. Holland, Mich., is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Langley as vice president for the company’s pig equipment business.

Big Dutchman’s pig division calls for a bigger team and a new allocation of responsibilities and Langley will be an important asset to the company as he brings with him many years of experience in agri-business as well as expertise in executive management. His last position was as President and General Manager of pig equipment manufacturer Osborne Industries Inc.

Langley will lead the sales and product development teams to focus on providing customer-centric solutions for the unique requirements of the North American swine industry. The Big Dutchman pig business unit will accelerate the pace of product development and sales.

Langley’s broad agri-business career includes over 30 years’ experience in sales and sales management with over 25 years in the international arena. Steve and his family lived 13 years in China and achieved a business competent level of spoken Chinese which enabled him to establish his own agri-business firm to assist companies to develop their China business.

Langley and his family reside in Osborne, Kan., but will be moving to Holland, Mich., home of Big Dutchman Inc., and where the Big Dutchman saga began more than 70 years ago.

Source: Big Dutchman