There’s little question that Americans love bacon. It’s shown up in everything from beer and milkshakes to band-aids and toilet paper.  A recent survey even showed that most of the time – with the exception of desserts – food really does taste better with bacon.

Bacon even has its own film festival, sponsored by Hormel.

But as bacon’s popularity continues to climb, so do bacon prices.

According to the York (Pa.) Dispatch, bacon’s popularity has pushed prices up by nearly 22 percent from 2012 to $5.62 per pound, the highest increase ever tracked by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unlike other food fads, bacon has remained in hot demand for the last six years.

"Americans still love their bacon," said Chris Brand, spokesman for Giant Food Stores.

Americans aren’t picky about their bacon. Ready-to-eat, organic and turkey bacon are also growing in popularity.  Read more here. 

Despite the growth in turkey bacon, pork bacon will continue to reign. Multiple taste tests struggling to find a tasty turkey bacon option.

The San Francisco Gate found that turkey bacon in their taste test was all over the map in terms of appearance, with some resembling Canadian bacon or dog treats.  Their panel had difficult in recommending more than just one top brand.  Read more here.