In an interview with AgriTalk host Mike Adams this week at the American Veterinary Medical Association convention, Gail Golab, DVM, AVMA director of animal welfare, talks about current animal welfare issues.

According to Golab, veterinarians are uniquely qualified to enable the animal welfare dialogue due to their understanding of the science as well as a keen awareness of the relationship people have with animals. “Veterinary Medicine can do a tremendous service to both the public and to agricultural production by serving as an intermediary.”

Animal welfare is an increasingly hot topic with the public and their opinion is a factor which must be addressed by livestock producers. “Engaging the public in animal welfare decisions is important in addition to the science,” says Golab. “Finding ways to communicate between the urban environment and the rural environment is incredibly important.”

Opening facilities to allow the public to see for themselves what producers do and being open about common on-farm practices are two ways livestock producers can engage the public, according to Golab. “Having this open attitude will go a very long way.”