“This is the beginning of a wonderful facility that will be a unique marriage of pig production and the public education experience,” said Malcolm DeKryger, vice president of Belstra Milling, last August at the announcement of Fair Oaks Farms’ new education center, Pig Adventure.

Fair Oaks Farms’ Pig Adventure Center, located in northern Indiana, is an 110,000 square-foot facility with a main floor for pork production and a glassed-in second floor for the tours and public viewings.

This facility allows the public to “look down on all production, all the time,” said DeKryger. Read more about the initial planning here.

A year after its announcement, Pig Adventure Center opened to the public.

Tourists arrive at the center in pink buses powered on pig manure. Both virtual and personal guides are available to lead tourists through the facility and provide information along the way.

Visitors enter into an interactive exhibit hall where large screens display the history of pig farming, allow visitors to virtually mix up pig feed, and take a virtual shower before going into the gestation barn.

Behind glass walls, visitors can observe the gestation process. About 2,400 pigs in the building are either pregnant or soon will be impregnated through artificial insemination. The birthing barn is one of Pig Adventure’s highlights. Around 250 piglets are born daily in the center, and tourists can observe the process.

DeKryger said that the Pig Adventure Center mainly attracts kids, but adults can also have a good time.

“I had a 90-something-year-old man look at me the other day and in his very slow, quiet way say, ‘This is amazing,’” DeKryger told The Times of Northwest Indiana. “That was the confirmation to me that we have accomplished what we set out to achieve.”

In addition to its already functioning dairy cow and pig centers, Farm Oaks Farms wants to add similar exhibits for chickens, beef, aquaculture and crops in the next 10 years.

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