Stalk and crown rot diseases likely in many fields

Much of the 2014 Nebraska corn crop has experienced repeated and prolonged stress and wounding. While most of the crop looks good, we are beginning to see early evidence of problems developing. FULL STORY »

Pork Signals: Seasonal price decline underway

The five most profitable months ever for U.S. hog producers have all been this year. Iowa State University calculations say that prior to 2014, the most profitable month for farrow-to-finish operations was September 1975, with an average profit of $64.68 per hog sold. FULL STORY »

USDA: Agriculture can adapt to uncertain future productivity

Using the ERS Future Agricultural Resources Model, researchers simulated the world in 2050 assuming productivity growth similar to past trends, and then simulated the world with a lower rate of agricultural productivity (20 percent lower than anticipated) in 2050. FULL STORY »

AFBF releases videos on big-data risks and rewards

The American Farm Bureau Federation released a series of short educational videos to help farmers and ranchers understand the rewards and risks of data-analysis technologies sweeping the agricultural landscape. FULL STORY »

Maximize tax savings from health insurance costs

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the individual mandate requires farmers to obtain and maintain "minimum essential coverage" (MEC) for themselves and dependents. FULL STORY »

Implications for the fate of green fertilizers

The use of green fertilizers is a practice that has been around since humans first began growing food, but researchers are warning that modern techniques for the creation of these fertilizers could have implications on soil toxicity. FULL STORY »

Driedger joins DNA Genetics staff

DNA Genetics is pleased to announce Wally Driedger has accepted the position of Genetic Quality Assurance Manager. In his new role, Driedger will be responsible for the oversight of production at all gene transfer centers. FULL STORY »

Post-weaning toolbox sets the stage for long-term piglet success

Purina Animal Nutrition provided tips for minimizing the stress of weaning at an industry seminar at World Pork Expo. Presenters shared information on employee empowerment and young pig nutrition, crediting nursery management and the weaning transition as key drivers to industry success. FULL STORY »

Different distillers grains may change feed rations

Ethanol plants are getting more efficient at extracting fuel from corn, and that can affect the quality of distillers grains, a byproduct of ethanol production often used as an economical feed alternative for hogs and poultry. FULL STORY »

New Spanish-language website showcases pork

Pork’s exceptional flavor and versatility have made it a staple in Hispanic homes. To celebrate Latinos’ passion for pork, the Pork Checkoff has launched, a new Spanish-language website with social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. FULL STORY »

Multiple herbicide-resistant weeds and the challenges ahead

Multiple herbicide resistance occurs when a weed species is no longer controlled by two or more herbicides with different sites of action applied at labeled rates. FULL STORY »

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