Corn growers have responded to the rising demand on corn for feed, food, fuel and export markets as is apparent by USDA's acreage report, estimating corn acres at 92.88 million acres.

USDA also released today its quarterly grain and oilseed stock estimates, which at 3.55 billion bushels of corn were also higher than expected.

Demand is strong in all corn sectors says Bob Dickey, National Corn Growers Association board member and a grower from Laurel, Neb. “Growers across the country are showing that we’re committed to supply all market sectors.The market sent growers a signal to plant more corn, and we responded in a big way”

Weather problems had threatened some areas during planting season, but the Acreage report shows that crop development is on or ahead of schedule in most areas. “Weather is always a concern,” notes Bill Chase, NCGA Production and Stewardship Action team chairman. “But with good weather and the large numbers of acres planted this year, we should see record production.”

U.S. corn production set a record in 2004 when 11.8 billion bushels were harvested.

USDA reports that the number of acres planted to corn increased in 42 states. Growth was especially strong in the South and Midwest.

The Acreage report also shows that corn growers planted 73 percent of their acres with biotech seed, an increase of 12 percent from 2006.

Final acreage numbers for this marketing season will be released in January 2008. The current USDA report is available on the USDA Web site.

Source: USDA,  National Corn Growers Association