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If you’re the owner of a company and you want to maximize the productivity of your workforce, then it’s important to foster engagement, loyalty and productivity, says Jack Daly, an author and corporate sales trainer. He offers these tips for growing a business culture that inspires loyalty, engagement and the high performance those qualities produce.

1.  Start new hires on a Friday
And have a big welcome. Many managers think new employees should start on Monday – the day when their new co-workers are facing a long to-do list for the week. Consider starting them on Friday with a party, so you can welcome them to the operation and help make them feel a part of the team.

2.  Recognize accomplishments
And put it in the form of a handwritten note. Typing emails and instant messaging are more convenient, which is why an employee will recognize the extra effort behind a hand-written note. A letter has that personal touch; the receiver knows that the manager or CEO has taken some time and effort to create a special communication just for him or her.

3.  Provide lunch – for free
“While many may cringe at the expense, employee appreciation outweighs the cost,” says Daly. It keeps people engaged on the farm, rather than having employees leave for lunch.

4.  Flatten the privilege structure
It’s not a good idea to create anything resembling a class system. Upper management shouldn’t feel too entitled or privileged above other employees.  

“The best way to ensure a driven team is to create a culture that fosters the results you want,” says Daly. “Some companies are outpacing their competition because of their culture, including Southwest Airlines, Zappos and the Virgin Group. You can do the same thing in your business.”