What is the South Dakota 4-H Market Swine Self-Identification Process?

Due to increased concerns about the spread of disease, further awareness about biosecurity and the development of the Market Swine Self-Identification Process will be implemented for the 2014 project year. 4-H Youth will not be required to bring market swine project animals to a county weigh-in site in order to be 4-H Green Tagged. This new policy for exhibitors is not meant to limit youth’s involvement within the swine project but offer an alternative to families that choose to follow stricter biosecurity guidelines within their own swine operations.

How will 4-H Market Swine be identified without a weigh-in?

4-H Youth are advised to contact their county 4-H office to receive proper animal identification materials and will need to self-identify their market hogs with an official 4-H Green Tag and submit a DNA hair sample. 4-H Green Tags and DNA Sample Envelopes can be picked up at the county 4-H office and taken home to use. County 4-H offices are not responsible for mailing supplies to families if requested. Upon receipt of the identification materials, 4-H youth have one week to complete the “Market Swine Ownership Verification Affidavit Form” and return the form and DNA Sample Envelope to the county 4-H office. All unused or ruined DNA Sample Envelopes and 4-H Green Tags must be returned to the county 4-H office. Documentation of ownership and samples submitted after the one week deadline will be ineligible. No Ownership Verification Affidavits or DNA samples will be accepted after June 1st.

Who can 4-H Green Tag and collect DNA a Youth’s Market Swine?

Any parent, guardian, or 4-H Volunteer can assist the 4-H Youth with tagging an animal and collecting a DNA sample. The youth is strongly encouraged to be present during the tagging and DNA collection of an animal. Those new or inexperienced with the 4-H Market Swine project are advised to seek assistance from a 4-H volunteer. All those involved should practice proper hygiene and cleanliness to reduce the risk of infection and disease spread.

Where can a 4-H Youth get an ear tagger?

4-H Youth who do not have the proper ear tagger for inserting 4-H Green Tags may borrow a tagger from another family, 4-H Volunteer, or if able from the county 4-H office. Ear taggers are also available for purchase from most farm supply companies or stores.

Will County Fair/4-H Achievement Days still be allowed to have a 4-H Market Swine Show?

YES. County Fairs and 4-H Achievement Days are advised to follow the Regulations for Exhibition of Animals published by the South Dakota Animal Industry Board to make sure they have a plan in place to identify and handle sick animals properly. All event organizers and exhibitors should educate themselves on the associated risks when animals are commingled at an exhibition, show, or sale and follow biosecurity measures to reduce the chance of disease spread. Market swine entries for the State Fair 4-H Division will not be required to have received a purple ribbon at a County Fair/4-H Achievement Day in order to qualify.

How are 4-H Market Swine eligible to show at the State Fair if they do not have to receive a purple at the County Fair/4-H Achievement Day?

4-H Market Swine intended to be exhibited at State Fair must be properly identified and listed on the ownership verification affidavit by the self-identification deadline. 4-H Exhibitors will still be limited to two entries per division in the market swine show as counted towards their ten entries throughout the State Fair. 4-H Market Swine entries will be due at the same time as other 4-H livestock entries. 4-H Youth must specify which animal on the State Fair entry form.