Thousands of piglets were killed in a massive fire at Canada’s second-largest hog producer.

According to CTV News, the fire broke out Monday evening at Big Sky Farms in Saskatchewan. The entire barn was in flames by the time fire crews arrived.

All 3,500 piglets inside the barn at the time of the fire died.

The company estimates its losses between CA$350,000 and CA$400,000.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police continue to investigate the cause of the fire.Click here to read more.

CBC News Saskatchewan adds the complex is owned by food processing giant Olymel and operates it under the name OlySky. The site is still best known by its former name, Big Sky Farms, which was acquired by Olymel in 2013.

OlySky announced in a news release they were "saddened by the loss of the 3,500 pigs." Read, "3,500 pigs die in barn fire near Lanigan, Sask."