MidWest Plan Service has released its 2005 catalog, featuring free and low-cost agricultural-related materials and building plans developed by experts from universities throughout the United States.

The free MWPS 2005 catalog includes more than 160 publications and CD-ROMs plus more than 100 building plans of interest to agricultural producers, businesses, educators, regulators, homeowners and gardeners. The catalog includes 17 new publications.

MWPS materials are free or sold at a minimal cost. Most publications, including the 2005 catalog, can be downloaded from the Web site. Subjects in the 2005 MWPS catalog include:

  • Raising and housing livestock (dairy, beef, swine, sheep, horses);
  • Wildlife and natural resource conservation;
  • Manure management (includes CAFO fact sheet series and Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship curriculum);
  • Soil, air and water management;
  • Agricultural ventilation;
  • Storage of grain, forage and silage;
  • Farm business management (including free lease and agreement forms);
  • Agricultural marketing;
  • Farm and home safety;
  • Water quality determination and maintenance;
  • Construction and remodeling of agricultural buildings, commercial greenhouses and houses;
  • More than 100 free plans for agricultural buildings and facilities.

MWPS is located on the campus of Iowa State University. The free catalog may be ordered and downloaded online at www.mwpshq.org or ordered by e-mail at mwps@iastate.edu, by phone at (800) 562-3618 or (515) 294-4337, by fax at (515) 294-9589, or by writing MidWest Plan Service, 122 Davidson Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-3080.

Iowa State University