Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants to see his state become an animal agriculture “powerhouse.”  

“We’re already there with beef, we’re moving rapidly in dairy, and I believe we have a clear opportunity to do that with the swine (industry,)” said Brownback who made the comments to a group of pork producers gathered for the Kansas State University Swine Day.

Brownback cited several reasons which will play important roles in realizing his vision for the state’s growth in animal agriculture. “We are a good agricultural grain region with the talent, leadership, technology and investment which all line up very well for us to expand in dairy and pork.”

“People make moves based on tax policy,” Brownback said pointing to changes in the state’s tax code which he believes will attract new business for Kansas. “We also believe we can attract investment from outside the country.”

Brownback said a Chinese investment group has already purchased AMC Theatres and (China) “has huge food needs.” Brownback believes that the Chinese group is interested in other “hard assets” in which to invest.