Bacon is one of those universally favored foods. Who doesn’t love the smell, the taste, the versatility of bacon?  However, for some consumers, the fat and sodium ratio can keep bacon off the menu.

In response, Hormel Foods, Austin, Minn., has recently expanded its breakfast meats portfolio by introducing lower sodium Hormel Breakfast Canadian Bacon.

Receiving USDA-approved low sodium and fat levels, Hormel officials point out that the new Canadian bacon product is 97 percent fat-free and features thinner slices made with only natural juices. The new Hormel Breakfast Canadian Bacon, which includes 6-ounce thick, 12-ounce unsliced and 6-ounce will join the company’s existing breakfast meat product lineup as part of Hormel’s Natural Choice products.

The products meet USDA’s requirements for nutritional profile health claims, which include:
- Sodium maximum = 480 mg
- Low in Fat = 3g or less per serving
- Low in Saturated Fat = 1g or less per serving
- Good source of nutrient = protein
- Cholesterol = 60mg maximum

Hormel’s thin-cut Canadian bacon product profile breaks out as follows:
- Sodium = 430mg
- Total Fat = 2.5g
- Saturated Fat = 1g
- Protein = 10g
- Cholesterol = 30mg

Hormel’s thick-cut Canadian bacon product profile includes:
- Sodium = 470mg
- Total Fat = 2.5g
- Saturated Fat = 1g
- Protein = 11g
- Cholesterol = 30mg

The suggested retail price for the new Canadian bacon products is $3.99 for the 6-ounce package and $7.99 for the 12-ounce package.

Hormel Foods wants to prompt consumers to use more Canadian bacon in such things as breakfast sandwiches and pizza. It has made improvements to the packaging and the thinner slices also offer more flexibility.

The company will be getting the word out on these new products through coupons, recipe ideas on the package as well as public relations and other marketing techniques.

Source: Hormel Foods