USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service world livestock production report shows that pork production was up 1.3 percent in 2000 over 1999.

The report shows that there are 765 million hogs in the world, producing an estimated 181 billion pounds more pork in 2000 than in 1999. That was more than any other meat and 1.3 percent above the previous record.

The report also showed that slightly over half of the world’s pork is produced in China, with the European Union ranking second at 21.2 percent of global production and the United States coming in third with 10.4 percent.

While pork production hit record highs, more of that pork is being consumed where it is produced. Pork exports were down 1.4 percent from the record set in 1999. The European Union was the largest pork exporter, followed by Canada and the United States. Denmark was the largest exporting country with the European Union, at 1.24 billion pounds, which is 4.7 percent less than the U.S. exports, according to Ron Plain, University of Missouri agricultural economist.

USDA is forecasting another record for world pork production this year. The primary driver for production increases is an increasing world population, says Plain.