The exact cause of employee burnout varies from person to person, says Dorothy Lecher, human resources director, Prema-Lean Pork. Certainly there are many reasons for burnout, but some of them can be caused by:

  • The workplace itself.
  • Lack of control by the employee. There may be an inability to set and maintain boundaries.
  • He/she may have unrealistic expectations.
  • A poor employee and workplace match. The individual’s personal values might conflict with the job or the owner. Also the employee could lack the necessary skills.

Here are some additional factors Lecher points out that contribute to employee stress:

1.  Expectation of greater workload and longer hours; overscheduling.

2.   Loss of individual autonomy. Also loss of predictable income, trust and respect of your professional role.

3.   Pressure to take on more risks as the business system demands compliance, and to decrease costs but increase quality.

4.   Inability to balance personal and professional life.

5.   Decreased company or peer socialization and collegiality.

6 Lack of positive and timely feedback from the operation’s management or owners.

7 Difficulty in saying “No” (at work, home, church, volunteer activities or in the community).

8 Unrealistic expectations from customers or employees.