Aside from the other concerns, communication has to be a key component of an effective Hispanic-marketing program. The U.S. pork industry’s “Pork: The Other White Meat” slogan means little to Hispanic consumers because their definitions of “white” meat and “red” meat are different than U.S. consumers.

For instance, almost all of the National Pork Board’s focus group participants were familiar with the terms “red” and “white” meat, but the majority classified pork as “red” meat. There were some that considered some cut of pork “red” meat and others “white”.

The survey also shows:

  • “White” meat was categorized as chicken, turkey, fish and seafood. White meat was generally considered to be healthier than “red” meat but perhaps less nutritious. Some participants thought it had less protein and was not as good for your blood.
  • “Red” meat was categorized as beef, pork, lamb and horse. While most participants thought it was higher in protein than white meat, they also perceived it to be: greasier, heavier, harder to digest and contains toxins.