CBOT Extends E-Trading Hours

The Chicago Board of Trade has added two more hours to its electronic trading schedule. CBOT, which has an alliance with the Eurex futures exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, will now operate 20 hours a day, closing from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. CST.

You can trade agricultural products from 8:30 p.m. to 6 a.m., and financial products from 8 p.m. to 4 p.m. The Eurex will operate during the same hours.

DirectAg.com Adds Schering-Plough to Partnership

DirectAg.com and Schering-Plough Animal Health are now e-business partners. This is an addition to DirectAg.com's web-based animal health alliances.

This partnership will allow you to buy Schering-Plough vaccines, insecticides and other products through www.DirectAg.com 24 hours a day. The company will also link directly to www.MySwine.com, which is Schering-Plough's online resource for pork producers.

Online Marketplace Adds Agricultural Equipment

Online Asset Exchange, www.onlineassetexchange.com, an Internet marketplace for buying and selling industrial equipment, is adding a new market giving you access to more than $500 million worth of agricultural and construction equipment.

These new marketplaces will be added to Online Asset Exchange's equipment array for such industries as metalworking and production, process, medical, surface mount technology, plastics and transportation.

Powerfarm Teams with mPower3

Powerfarm, a subsidiary of Ag Services which provides financial services and crop inputs, is teaming up with mPower3, an agricultural information technology company, for a new online venture.

The agreement gives Powerfarm (www.powerfarm.com) customers access to their line of mPower3 subscription products. Plus, users will have ongoing access to regional-specific pest and disease alerts. This venture will allow Powerfarm users to access database and data management reports, field-specific weather reports, crop models, market price quotes and headline agricultural news.

New Web sites Target Pork's Value, Versatility

The word is out on the web about pork's nutritional value, versatility, great taste, as well as the pork industry's overall role in agriculture. The National Pork Producers Council's demand enhancement staff and National Pork Board have four new Web sites spreading the news about pork via the Internet.

Children, teachers and parents will want to visit www.pork4kids.com to learn about new food and nutrition activities, teaching aides, pork production lessons, recipes and much more.

If you're looking for new recipes to cook your favorite pork cut, check out www.OtherWhiteMeat.com. You can take an online cooking school with Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill in Chicago. The site also offers pork e-mail greetings, an online pork store, special promotions and contests. There is a Pork 101 cooking, nutrition and food safety section, a recipe section and a groceries-on-hand feature.

Chefs and other foodservice professionals can find out about pork menu options, preparation and cooking, nutrition, cuts and much more at www.porktimes.org. This site links to www.porkandhealth.com, which services dieticians and other nutritional and medical professionals.