Although each Internet service provider has its own unique web structure, all sites offer similar icon accessories. Here are the definitions of various icons. They can make navigating the Internet a little easier.

Home: Select the home button when you want to return to the site’s first page, also known as the home page.

Backward: The back or backward icon is used to return to the immediate previous site or page. It is much like the rewind button of a tape recorder orVCR.

Forward: If you decide to scroll backward but then want to return to other pages, the forward icon can take you there. It is much like a fast-forward button.

Stop: The stop icon lets you stop an address inquiry in mid motion.

Help: The help button walks you through any questions you may have. If you need help, select the help icon and type in your inquiry or select from the menu provided. Once you make your selection and hit the enter key, suggestions will appear to help solve your problem.

Print: The print icon lets you print Internet information from a Web site.

Bookmarks/Favorite Places: Bookmarks are used to record Internet addresses. When you find a URL that interests you, select the bookmark icon and save it for later use.

Location: This is the area where you type in your intended URL. When you want to go to a new site immediately, just type in the Internet address and select enter.

Search: Search engines provide direction. They give you a list of Web sites that offer information on your selected subject.