It can happen any time there’s an animal involved. You go to inject the medication, the animal moves, you are bumped or you’re simply moving too quickly, and you accidentally inject the substance into yourself. It’s an awful and scary feeling. But a calm head and quick action can help you, your employee or your co-worker recover effectively.

John Carr, DVM, Iowa State University, suggests the following steps when an accidental self injection occurs. He also suggests that you spend some time instructing your employees about the steps that they need to take in such an instance. Better yet, laminate and post the steps throughout your hog buildings.

1. Inform your manager (or assistant manager) immediately.

2. Obtain the relevant data sheet for the product injected from the product’s packaging.

A smart idea is to create a three-ring binder with all of the product data sheets alphabetized for easy access. Keep one within a common access area or place several of these throughout the farm.

3. Call your local medical center or doctor for advice.

4. Have someone take the person to the medical center. He or she should not do the driving.

5. Go to the local medical center with the product’s data sheet, as well as the name and telephone number of the farm’s veterinarian.

6. Record the incident in an accident book.