Whether it’s supplying a specific market, creating a brand or raising a specialized product, finding a niche for your product is one way to set yourself apart from the commodity pack. While it’s not easy, and may not come naturally to the average pork producer, there is help available.


The National Pork Board’s NichePORK Web site provides all sorts of insight and answers. Among it’s more powerful draws is the fact that it helps match producers who market pork products directly to consumers who are looking for specialty products or specific production practices.


The database currently includes 113 pork production operations from 26 states.


Any producer can become part of this database by contacting the Pork Checkoff Service Center at (800) 456-PORK.


Other information available at  www.NichePORK.org includes answers to questions about niche pork, and ways to increase knowledge of the niche pork market.


For more information, contact Larry Cizek at (515) 223-2639 or e-mail Larry.Cizek@porkboard.org