If you’d like a better understanding of how the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program affects you, here’s one way to get it.

The National Pork Producers Council has released a new Pork Quality Assurance/HACCP orientation videotape to help you wade through the necessary information on the program.

Here’s a look at some of what the tape addresses:

- New HACCP food safety systems that packers are implementing.

- Your role in food safety.

- How the PQA program will help you  meet those food safety expectations.

A PQA manual also comes with each  videotape.

NPPC plans to distribute the tapes to 600 members of the American Association of Swine Practitioners. Practitioners are eligible to receive a copy if they have certified 10 or more producers. The videotape is available to other interested parties from NPPC for $15 each. Call (800) 456-7675.