Making fast progress in the food-industry, VeriPrime announced today that it has rolled out the "first broad-based national traceability system for beef. A Wichita, Kan., VeriPrime "is committed to ushering in the next generation of food safety," the company said a news release. VeriPrime's traceability system has adopted and will apply the U.S. Animal Identification Task Force's recommendations.

The beef traceability system will encompass about 66 percent of the nation’s beef cattle supply– those producers now in VeriPrime’s membership. With the help of Feedyard personnel and federally accredited veterinarians are helping VeriPrime record and store data on groups of cattle raised in the United States. VeriPrime services are available to all 800,000 cattle producers in America, say company officials.

VeriPrime also has access to 75 percent of the U.S. pork supply, and is in the final stages of developing a traceability system for that sector.

The long-term plan is to allow retail grocers and restaurants to access VeriPrime’s "safety-enhanced" beef products through a licensing system.

"Traceability is the backbone of our services," says Scott Crain, DVM, VeriPrime founder and chief executive officer. "Responsible food safety and animal-welfare initiatives hinge on this industry’s ability to identify, track and trace-back through the use of reliable livestock data."

"We use the most efficient methods available. As new and better technologies evolve, it is in our interest to adopt them," says Crain. He notes that VeriPrime will accommodate existing identification programs. Evolution to an electronic identification system is expected, "according to a schedule that will be determined by VeriPrime members," he notes.

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