The National Swine Improvement Federation will hold its 2001 National Ultrasound Training and Certification Conference at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa on May 21-22, 2001.

The first day of the conference will include educational sessions on updated prediction equations to estimate lean growth, anatomy of the pig, backfat and muscle deposition patterns, relationships among backfat measurement carcass evaluation and NSIF scanning procedures, and image scanning on live pigs. There will be a live animal demonstration and an opportunity for participants to practice live animal scanning.

The second day will be the scanning practicum, in which participants scan 50 pigs and have their estimates compared to actual carcass measurements. Participants who meet NSIF standards will become NSIF-certified ultrasound scanners.

Anyone interested in learning more about estimating backfat thickness and loin-muscle area using ultrasound and/or achieving NSIF certification status should attend this conference.

For registration information contact Tom Baas at (515) 294-6728 or