Today’s U.S. consumers aren’t as brand loyal as in years past, but brands still matter. Certainly some have been more successful than others.

Tyson has paved the way on the poultry front as the most recognized brand. Recognition rate among American consumers is 95 percent, notes John Tyson, chief executive officer of the company. Now, Tyson is planning to expand that potential into the beef and pork meat cases.

Having purchased IPB in 2001 for its pork and beef offering, Tyson started putting its stamp on those product lines as of late August. It will replace the Thomas E. Wilson brand on roasts, further-processed pork and beef, and case-ready pork and beef products. The process is expected to be complete within six months.

Fresh beef will see a slower transition as Tyson recognizes retailers’ preferences to customize their beef offerings. However, “our longer-term strategic goal will be to offer a limited number of value-added and branded fresh meat products,” says Tyson.

The branding switch will likely extend into foodservice, were some further-processed pork and beef items already carry the Tyson name.

“A conversion from the Thomas E. Wilson brand to the Tyson brand will accelerate our ability to meet our customers’ needs, maximize our brand-building efforts with consumers, and it’s the best long-term strategy for our company,” says Tyson.

The company conducted research over a 12-month period and found that customers and consumers agree that the move is a good idea. Seventy-five percent of consumers polled said it was appropriate for pork products to carry the Tyson brand.