Tyson Foods introduced  has created the "Tyson Culinary Alliance," a new program involving foodservice chefs.

Specifically, it consisting of 60 chefs from 36 foodservice brokerage firms nationwide, and will serve an extension of Tyson Foods.

"Tyson Foods identified a need for chef-to-chef relationships between supplier and operator," notes Pamela Lewis, Tyson's corporate executive chef. "The broker chefs who make up the Culinary Alliance are much closer to operators and the challenges they face on a regional and local level. They serve as the first point of contact and as a liaison between the foodservice industry and Tyson." The point it to cultivate culinary-driven solutions.

Culinary Alliance members will work to bring operator chefs insights on practical and innovative uses of Tyson's products. They'll also provide marketing resources, industry data, trade-area analysis and culinary trends. Communication with foodservice operators also will bring Tyson first-hand insights found only in the field, notes Lewis.

Source: Tyson Foods