Although there are no easy answers to reducing seasonal infertility, Don Levis, animal scien-tist, The Ohio State University, presented some solutions at this year's George Young Swine Health and Management Conference in Lincoln, Neb.

During the sow's lacation phase, he suggests the following actions:a. Feed the animal more frequently, and provide more feed at night.

b. Try liquid feeding; but, be sure you work to prevent mold development.

c. Try adding 7 percent animal or vegetable fat and increase the vitamins and minerals. Don't let feed get rancid.

d. If you follow a 28-day lactation schedule, try reducing lactation length (third-parity sows to 14 days; second-parity sows to 21 days). You also can try split weaning, but be sure to keep five to six pigs on a sow.

e. Position the heat lamp so it doesn't stress the sow; consider using a timer or thermostat on the heat lamps to time the temperature effectively.

f. Provide a high rate of ventilation with an adequate environment for the piglets (500 cfm per sow and litter).

g. Consider using a nose-cooling system per crate.

h. Enhance sow cooling by using a drip system in combination with fans.

i. Make sure sows have plenty of clean water.

j. Do not provide more than 10 to 12 hours of light per day.