Getting Established in Farming, the fifth book in the six-part series called Business Management for Farmers, is now available from MidWest Plan Service at Iowa State University.

It focuses on the pro-cess of deciding whether or not to farm and how best to get started and established. With emphasis on the decision-making process, this publication should prove useful to
educators, lenders, consultants and others, including those who are considering on-farm agriculture as a career.

Getting Established in Farming, NCR-610E, is divided into four chapters.

Chapter one focuses on how prospective farmers can assess personal and financial situations to decide whether sufficient resources are available to support farming as a career.

The second chapter lays out procedures to decide whether farming with a partner is workable. The chapter describes a testing stage to determine a partner’s financial and personal compatibility.

Chapter three focuses on getting established in farming as part of a multi-owner/operator situation. It deals with developing an appropriate partnership agreement and on establishing strategies for transferring farm assets and management responsibilities during various partnership stages.

Chapter four addresses the task of establishing a single-owner/operator farm business. It examines the keys to building a full-time farm business and discusses the options for developing a crop- or livestock-oriented operation.

The book contains three worksheets to help you analyze business and personal situations. Other worksheets show how to develop a partnership agreement and plan a financially workable arrangement.

Getting Established in Farming, and all volumes of the series are available from MWPS. Each costs $8 per copy,°plus $3.50 postage. To order, call (800) 562-3618; e-mail, or visit the catalog section of the MWPS Web site at Visa and MasterCard are accepted.