The National Pork Industry Forum encompasses the annual business meeting for the National Pork Board. During the March 1-2 meeting in Denver, Colo., delegates representing producers and importers will consider and discuss programs in the form of resolutions to be addressed over the next year and into the future.

While most of the resolutions that the Pork Act Delegates and members of the National Pork Board will discuss originate from state pork producer associations, individual producers also can submit topics and ideas.

"Forum is a key time for all who pay the pork checkoff to participate in the business of how to use those investments," says John Kellogg, a pork producer from Yorkville, Ill., chairman of NPB's resolutions committee. "Pork producers and pork importers invest in the pork checkoff throughout the year. The National Pork Board is open to their ideas year-round, but if there are ideas to be discussed by an official group, then this is the time to present them."

All resolutions, whether submitted by individuals or by state pork producer associations, must relate to the purpose of national pork checkoff, which specifies that funds can be used only for promotion, research and consumer information.

Pork producers and importers are encouraged to submit business ideas and recommendations to be addressed at the 2002 Forum. Include your name and a telephone number where you can be contacted, by Feb. 8 to John Kellogg, Resolutions Committee Chairman, National Pork Board, P.O. Box 9114, Des Moines, IA 50306.

Among the topics that Pork Act Delegates address annually include the national pork checkoff rate, the percentage of funds returned to states, nominations for NPB appointments that are sent on to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for final approval.

Pork Act Delegates are pork producers or importers that are nominated by state pork producer associations. Again, the Secretary of Agriculture approves the final list. Each of the 50 states has at least two Pork Act Delegates. The number of delegates and the voting "power" of each delegate is determined by the amount of checkoff collected from the state the delegates represent.

For more information on these checkoff-funded programs or the National Pork Forum, check out or call (515) 223-2600.