Thomas E. Wilson meats has a new Web site, Tyson Foods recently launched the Web site to promote the company’s line of case-ready fresh meats and pre-packaged products.

When consumers log on to the site, they will learn about the Thomas E. Wilson’s line of fresh, frozen and cooked pork and beef products. If needed, consumers also can find recipe ideas, safe handling procedures for meat products, cooking instructions and various menu plans, according to a company news release.

“Our new line of branded meats is designed to help meet consumers’ various needs,” says Jack Dunn, senior vice president for Tyson’s Refrigerated Processed Meats Division.

The product line includes case-ready chops, roasts and steaks, along with individually packaged frozen items such as boneless pork chops, top sirloin steaks and strip steaks. Cooked products include lemon pepper pork roast, Italian seasoned pork roast, pot roast, beef in barbecue sauce, roast beef in brown gravy, seasoned beef meatloaf and seasoned beef sirloin roast.