You always need to be on your toes when you’re working around swine manure storage areas. It can’t be repeated enough: Safety is not something to take for granted.

To help ensure your safety and that of others, Leonard Meador, environ-mental consultant, Global Eco-Tech, Rossville, Ind., offers these tips:

1. Don’t enter manure storage or reception pits without wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus.

2. Fence all outdoor manure storage and erect warning signs indicating the associated hazards.

3. Maintain the structural integrity of all guards, safety shields and railings.

4. Regularly inspect and maintain all electrical lines and equipment.

5. Never run combustion engines such as welders, pressure washers and dust blowers in buildings or around manure storage without providing adequate ventilation.

6. Locate a first-aid station and rescue equipment near manure storage areas.

7. Regularly review safety practices and emergency response procedures with your family and employees.